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At InstrumentPro, our customers are treated to the best possible shopping experience! Our service speaks for itself. We strive to make each individual purchase the most pleasant experience possible - we know that it's the only way you'll come back and shop with us again.

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Play now and pay later at Instrumentpro.Com. We offer 3 months free financing on all purchases.

  • No Down Payments
  • Applying is simple, safe, & secure
  • No Annual fees
  • Monthly Payments as Low as $20.00
  • No Payments for 3 months

Simply pay off the remaining balance within the 3 month billing period and no finance charges will be charged! Sign up Today

Experience true musical freedom by applying for Instrument Pro's financing card today! Make purchases with a credit limit of up to $15,000 without having to make payments for 3 months! If you pay off the balance before the 3 months are up, you pay no interest whatsoever! It's never been easier to get the music gear you need without having to worry about the up front cost. Even if you have enough money to afford your purchase, begin establishing good credit by applying for financing and paying off the balance on time.

You control your payment plan. You can choose to pay monthly payments until the balance is paid, or if you know a big check is coming in the next 3 months, pay it all off at once.

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