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At InstrumentPro, our customers are treated to the best possible shopping experience! Our service speaks for itself. We strive to make each individual purchase the most pleasant experience possible - we know that it's the only way you'll come back and shop with us again.

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  • Not in stock
    • If the product that you have ordered is not in stock and needs to be ordered from the manufacturer, we will be able to cancel your order only if it has not shipped from the manufacturer. If the product has shipped from the manufacturer and is on its way to us, your order is no longer able to be canceled.
  • Drop Shipments
    • If your order is drop shipped from the manufacturer it can only be canceled if the product has not yet shipped from the manufacturer. Once the product ships it is no longer able to be canceled.
  • Special Orders
    • Some products are not eligible for cancellation. Please email or call your sales representative with any questions as to whether or not products are not eligible for cancellation. We reserve the right to refuse cancellation of any order.
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