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» Benefits & Guarantees Extended Warranty | Need to protect your product?

How does the Extended Protection Plan work?

Plans are sold at the time of purchase of the product and become effective upon the date of purchase of the product. Plans are provided by Bankers Warranty Group Corporation. Any time that service is required for a covered product, a simple toll-free call to Bankers Warranty Group allows them to quickly locate a convenient authorized service center which will handle the repair for you. Labor and replacement parts are fully covered as necessary to maintain the product in operating condition. There is absolutely no cost to you beyond the initial cost of the service plan!

What are the details of the Extended Protection Plan?

Extended Protection Plans mirror the manufacturer's warranty, while adding convenience and extra time to the manufacturer's warranty. With an Extended Protection Plan, you'll have access to an extensive network of over 50,000 independent service centers and 24-hour, toll-free customer service specialists. There are no co-pays or deductibles & Extended Protection Plans are transferable if you decide to sell your product before the plan expires!

Features & Benefits of our Extended Protection Plans:

  • NATIONWIDE COVERAGE - Bankers Warranty Group Plans are available in all 50 states for the convenience of consumers everywhere. Consumers also benefit from Bankers Warranty Group's vast network of more than 52,000 authorized service centers.
  • FULLY UNDERWRITTEN - Each plan is fully insured and is issued it's own policy. This means that you are guaranteed service as detailed in the agreement, fully protecting you from any financial loss on service plans-even if Bankers Warranty Group goes out of business.
  • RENEWABILITY - Bankers Warranty Group may, at their option, renew your Service Plan. Bankers Warranty Group is not required or obligated to offer you another Service Plan. In the event You are offered a renewal Service Plan, You will be notified of the terms and conditions and the Service Plan fees that will apply to the renewal.
  • TRANSFERABLE - You can transfer ownership of the product and service plan for that product at any time during the period of coverage, thus adding re-sale value to their product purchase!
  • NO DEDUCTIBLES - Your Bankers Warranty Group Plan covers the full cost of repairing your covered product-100% parts and labor coverage, giving you the peace of mind and comfort of knowing that should your product require repair there is no cost to you at all, ever, for as long as coverage exists.
  • GRACE PERIOD - Consumers who neglect to purchase a service plan when they purchase their products, can do so as long as 30 days remain on the original manufacturer's warranty.

How do I purchase an Extended Protection Plan?

Products eligible for our Extended Protection Plans have an option to purchase a plan on the product page of the website. Available plans will vary from item to item. Upgrades and changes to plans are not available.

Who provides the service?

Plans are provided by Bankers Warranty Group Corporation. More consumers throughout North America have their service needs met through Bankers Warranty Group than through any other independent warranty and service plan company. Bankers Warranty Group stands behind more than 25 million service plans currently in force, and to care for these consumers they maintain a vast network of more than 70,000 authorized service centers throughout the 50 contiguous United States, and Canada, as well as in Puerto Rico and Mexico. These centers are prepared to provide service for more than 3,000 product categories.


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