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Marshall RG1
Product Code: MARRG1

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Marshall RG1

Marshall RG1 Introduction

The Regenerator RG-1 is every modulation pedal you'll need in one package. It is a stereo modulation pedal recreating six different modulation modes for you to explore giving you full control over the modulation time, modulation depth and regeneration of every mode creating a truly awesome stereo sound field.

Below is a complete run down of the Regenerator's features for your information. We have also enclosed a number of suggested settings to help guide you. It should be remembered that these are only suggested settings and you should really experiment as much as possible.

Marshall RG1 Introduction Features:

    'In' Jack Socket

  • This is the input jack for connection to your guitar or to the output of another effects pedal when linking pedals together.
  • 'Expression' Socket

  • An expression pedal can be connected to this socket to control the modulation speed. Moving the pedal overrides the speed control on the pedal allowing you to increase/decrease the control as you perform.
  • Always use good quality shielded leads. Always use 9V regulated DC supply with centre negative rated at 80mA or above.
  • Although it may seem obvious the first action in achieving a good effected sound (be it duration / compression etc.) is to find the perfect bypassed sound.
  • This will then allow the correct level to be set with the effect unit to allow a cut or boost in volume and a realistic tone.
  • On clean channels it is advisable to set the gain (or volume) to a setting of no less than one quarter maximum so as not to get unrealistic results due to any volume dependent tonal shaping on the amplifier preamp.
  • 'Out 1 / Left' Jack Socket - Passive Bypass

  • Out 1 is connected to a passive bypass circuit. The passive bypass ensures complete tonal integrity by disconnecting the output of the effects circuit when not in operation.
  • When a jack is connected to Out 1 the pedal operates in mono mode.
  • 'Out 2 /Right' Jack Socket - Spill-Over

  • Out 2 is connected to a spill-over circuit. When the pedal is switched off and the regen it has produced is allowed to 'spill' and rapidly decay over your playing while the input feeding the effects circuit is switched off. When a jack is connected to Out 2 the pedal operates in mono mode.
  • When jacks are connected to Out 1 & Out 2 the pedal operates in Stereo mode, the 2nd output's phase is inversed creating an even more spacious modulation.
  • Mode

  • The Regenerator offers six different modulation modes. Selected by switching the mode knob in to one of the six positions.
  • Vintage Chorus A classic chorus, adding mellow sweeps to high speed vibrato and everything in between to your sound.
  • Multi Chorus Based upon Marshall's classic Supervibe pedal, its unique sweeping pattern allows you to create simple sweeps through to complex ensemble sounds.
  • Vintage Flanger The versatile vintage flanger let's you go deep and detune your sound to extremes, turn up the regen for it to soar across your sound, or hold back to create natural flange effects.
  • Phaser A rich phasing effect making your sound swell with energy, creating fluid waves which wash around your tone.
  • Step Phaser Adding a crystal staircase effect to the phaser mode allows you to trip around its sweeping textures.
  • Vintage Vibe Get those good vibrations with this swirling vintage vibe mode.
  • Speed

  • Controls the speed of the modulation tail from fully anticlockwise, providing slowly sweeping sounds, to fully clockwise, generating fast vibrato.
  • Depth

  • Controls the amount of modulation applied to the signal. For the vintage chorus, multi chorus and vintage flanger this controls the amount of delay between the direct sound and processed, greater depths causing a greater amount of detuning.
  • For the phaser, step phaser and vintage vibe this controls the range of frequencies that are swept by the filters.
  • Regen

  • Controls the level of the regeneration, the amount of effect sent back to the input.
  • Fully anti-clockwise means no signal is sent back, while fully clockwise sends gives the most signal back accentuating the sound of the modulation sweeps.
  • Foot Switch

  • For switching the Regenerator on and off.
  • LED

  • Indicates when the Regenerator is in operation.
  • DC Input

  • For input of a 9V DC centre negative regulated adaptor should you not wish to use batteries.

Battery Replacement

  • To replace the battery, open the easily accessed coin screw battery cover plate by loosening screw as shown, then disconnect the battery connector lead.
  • Use PP3 or equivalent battery (for improved battery life use alkaline type).
  • Always ensure that the battery is removed when the pedal is not in use for long periods.
  • Dispose of old battery in a safe place.

Marshall RG1 Introduction Specification:

  • Power: 9V DC Centre Negative Regulated
  • Minimum Current Draw: 80mA
  • Controls: Mode, Speed, Depth, Regen
  • Switches: On/Off Switch
  • Indicators: On/Off LED
  • Jacks: 2 Input, 2 Output 'Jack sockets'
  • Input Impedance: 1M 1/2
  • Output Load Impedance: 1k 1/2
  • Dimensions: 120mm x 65mm x 55mm
  • Weight: 510 grammes

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