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Electro Voice Force i Sub E
Product Code: ELEFORISE

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Electro Voice Force® i Sub E

Electro Voice Force® i Sub E Description:

The Force i Sub features a rugged 18" cast frame woofer with four-layer voice coil and tremendous excursion capability with a usable bass response to 36Hz. Built-in input filter and response-tailored woofer allows single amp drive capability - no biamping required. The sub comes with a 34" pole and metal socket mount for elevating full-range systems and rear-mounted, three-stage collapsible handle and casters. Weighing only 69 pounds, the Force i Sub can be used as a dolly for two-way systems and other equipment making transportation very easy. Dimensions: 25.5 x 20.4 x 23.75".

Forget power-sucking, refrigerator-sized subs. The Force i subwoofer delivers solid, gut-kicking bass with an enclosure just over two feet high, and a single power amp. Internal input filter suppresses mid and high signals, letting the woofer put all its muscle into the low end. The Force i sub can be paralleled on a single amp channel along with the full-range speakers for very impressive sound.

Electro Voice Force® i Sub E Features:

  • Rear-mounted wheels and collapsible luggage-style handle make moving easy. Handle can be easily removed for performances or transportation.
  • Rugged, cast-frame 18" woofer with four-layer voice coil; 350 watts continuous, 700 watts program and 1,400 watts peak power handling; and tremendous excursion capability for bass down to 36 Hz.
  • Includes 34-inch pole and metal stand mount for elevating full-range speaker above the sub.
  • Built-in input filter for single-amp drive capability. Biamping not required.
  • RoadWood™ enclosure is strong and light-69 lb (31.3 kg)
  • Same height (25.5 in) as Force i Two-Way for more efficient vehicle packing
  • The Force i Sub makes it easy and cost-effective to add solid, low-end response to any sound system. Thanks to its very solid enclosure and a powerful, cast frame 18-inch woofer, the Force i Sub can add substantial bass response to many two-way full-range speakers.

    Electro Voice Force® i Sub E Specification:

    • An important feature of the Force i Sub is that it is designed to be paralleled with the Force i two-way full-range speaker system on a single amplifier channel. The Force i sound system combining the Force i two-way, Force i Sub and Eliminator i power amplifier rivals larger and much more expensive biamped sound systems for overall sound quality and output capability.
    • The Force i Sub's powerful 18-inch woofer has a four-layer voice coil and nearly two inches of total excursion capability for tremendous air moving capability with reliability. Force i Sub's woofer was designed to have less midrange response so that its input filter reduces the mids and highs to allow parallel operation with a full-range system. Force i Sub's RoadWood™ enclosure is much stronger and lighter than particleboard or MDF and has excellent acoustical properties too.
    • The Force i Sub has a built-in metal stand mount and comes with a removable 34-inch steel pole to elevate EV two-way systems. It also comes with rear-mounted casters and a 3-stage, luggage-style expandable metal handle to make moving easy. The handle can also be removed to prevent rattles during use or to prevent damage in transportation. The enclosure is finished in black industrial-grade carpeting that is extremely durable.

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