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Rane ECM64e w/ ECA 2 & DH1e
Product Code: RANECM64EAD

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Rane ECM64e w/ ECA 2 & DH1e

The ECM 64e Conference System is part of Rane's Engineered Conference System (ECS) line of professional audio products. When all you have is a small conference room requiring four mics, two line-level devices and a telephone, and you want the best in full duplex conferencing, the ECM 64e is the product of choice. Like Rane's larger conference system, the ECB 62e and ECM 82e, the ECM 64e is flexible in many different applications. The ECM 64e can work on its own for presentation and conference rooms, or as an add-on for the larger ECS.

The ECM 64e has six inputs and four outputs, and is basically four independent six channel matrix mixers. All audio inputs and outputs use Euroblock type connections. All audio connections use Euroblocks. All Inputs are balanced except for the external AEC Reference which is unbalanced.

Inputs include

  • Four programmable mic or line-level Inputs with rear panel selectable phantom power that are mixed to one audio mix, called Mic Mix
  • Two programmable line-level Inputs called Line In and Aux In
  • A selectable external AEC Reference.

    Outputs include

  • Three programmable balanced outputs
  • Two unbalanced outputs (AEC Reference Out and AEC Out).
  • When installed, the optional Digital Hybrid (DH 1e) becomes the fourth programmable output.

    There are two optional modules for the ECM 64e, the DH 1e and the ECA 2. The DH 1e is a Digital Hybrid and allows for connecting to a Plain Old Telephone Service (POTS), also called a two-wire phone line. The ECA 2 is an Acoustic Echo Canceller module, required when using the ECM 64e for conferencing applications. Using optional modules gives the system designer more applications flexibility. By ordering the ECM 64eAD, both of these modules are factory installed.

    The ECM 64eAD supports both two-wire and four-wire audio connections. Two-wire connections use standard telephone lines. A two-wire line consists of one balanced audio line used for both the transmit and receive audio paths. A four-wire connection uses separate audio pairs for the transmit and receive audio paths. Devices such as a video codec, audio over ISDN (like the Telos Zephyr) and personal computers that support Voice Over IP use four-wire audio connections.

    The ECM 64eAD can operate as a standalone conference system by itself, with switch closures using the MRP/EXT Port, or with a personal computer running Windows 95 or 98 and RaneWare or with a RS-232 based control system like AMX or Crestron.

    * Running RaneWare under Windows XP's emulation modes for 95 and 98 has been frustratingly inconsistent; some PCs work fine, some do not work at all, while still others work one day, but stop working the next day. This forces us to officially support only Windows 95 and 98SE. Many of our RaneWare products are being superceded by our Drag Net products.

    To operate the ECM 64ad by itself, just connect microphones, a speaker, a telephone line, and a telephone set for dialing. From the front panel, use the OFF HOOK button to connect and disconnect the ECM 64eAD to and from the phone line, and use the VOLUME buttons for Program level.

    For simple external control, using switch closures, use the MRP/EXT (DB-15 female) connector on the rear panel. From this connector memories can be recalled and some control functions can be performed. Control functions on this connector include Off Hook, Privacy, Volume Up and Down and Mute. Status signals are also available from this connector which include Off Hook, Privacy, Mute and Ring.

    Full control of the ECM 64e, including programming, DTMF dialing and receiving status signals are available via the rear panel RW 232 port. This port can interface directly to any RS-232 port on a personal computer or control system.

    Status LEDs on the front of the ECM 64e indicate Input and Output Signal present and Overload conditions, Off Hook (OH), Ring (RNG), Privacy (PRV), Mute (MUT), Auto-Answer (AA), a monitored input or output Level Meter, RW 232 communication (COM) and Power.

    Front panel controls include Mic Gain switches for Line or Mic inputs, OFF HOOK to connect to and disconnect from a telephone call, VOLUME DOWN and UP to control Program (OUT 1) level, and PORT STEP to select which Input or Output to monitor on the LEVEL Meter.

    See the Data Sheet link below for complete specifications.

    ECM 64e Applications

    • ECM 64e by itself - Small presentation room requiring a programmable audio system with up to four microphones, two line inputs and three outputs. Combined with a Rane SRM 66, the ECM 64e makes a great audio system for hotel room combining.
    • By installing the DH 1e, the ECM 64e becomes a digital hybrid to interface with a standard POTS type telephone line. This is also a useful add-on to the larger ECS (ECB 62e with an ECM 82e).
    • By installing the ECA 2, the ECM 64e becomes an audio system for a small video conference room connected by a four-wire device, such as a video codec or a personal computer that supports Voice Over IP.

    ECM 64eAD Applications

    • Small conference room requiring full duplex conferencing over a standard POTS type telephone line.
    • Small conference room requiring full duplex conferencing with a four-wire device, such as a Video Codec or a personal computer that supports Voice Over IP.
    • Small conference room requiring full duplex conferencing with both a standard POTS type telephone line and a four-wire device.

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